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  Free Database Below, For Group Information, We have United with Several others and this data base is for the free exchange of people and their skills so we all can move forward Please join it and see who is in your area that you can connect with: We ask that you also reach out to others and tell them we need their information show your groups and commitment to make change

If you have issues with sharing your main email please it is important to be able to connect so get a gmail, yahoo or GMX mail for this propose

After signing up you will need to login and pick the state you want to connect with

3) This is for uniting and connecting with and for advocates working for change

4) Todays Voice Radio is also up and running and we are offering free space to air shows on 24 hour a day 7 days a week format

 B) We are also working with Laps for Loves Racing and support team to get their Race car back out and setup other drivers to spread the awareness !!!


Our FREE  membership is published for the purpose of connecting and uniting to make change this is a public database

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Thank you for helping and for taking action, change can only come with your help